Sofas: Purpose, Size and Lifestyle


“….are seating units that accommodate two or more people.”

Now there are many kinds of sofas with different styles and many of them serve different purposes. So when selecting one, there are three things to consider before buying a sofa:

1. Purpose
2. Size
3. Lifestyle

Starting with the first one, let’s think about it’s purpose:

What is it’s primarily used?
– to entertain close friends
– to relax at home from a busy days work
– to spend time with the family
– to impress guests with a beautiful furniture
– to watch movies

Whatever the reason is, it will change the selection. For example, let’s say the sofa is being used to entertain close friends, then a large, modular type sofa would be a great choice or a regular sofa with addition chairs surrounding would be another excellent choice. Which relates to the other point to consider when buying a sofa which is size.

How big should it be?

What if there’s no time to entertain friends and family, is there really a need to buy a big modular sofa? No. If the space where the sofa will be placed is a space used by a couple, then stick to a smaller size sofa and add some smaller chairs for surprise guests that pop up every now and then. Not only is it important to think about the appropriate size of furniture but also think about whether or not it fits a appropriate lifestyle.

If there are pets at home who love jumping on the sofa then upholstered suede will probably be a bad idea. If there is a toddler at home who loves to enjoy their grape juice while exploring the living room and suddenly trips spilling their juice on the sofa, a porous fabric in white color is another bad idea. So when selecting a sofa remember to think if it fits a current lifestyle.

To summarize, when buying a sofa consider it’s purpose, size and lifestyle. Once that’s thought out, choosing the right sofa will be a breeze.